Can I Clean My Air Conditioner's Evaporator Coils Myself?

Regular air conditioner maintenance is important if you want to make certain that your air conditioner unit is working efficiently. There are a few easy procedures that you can perform to ensure that your unit is at peak performance. However, if you haven't had the proper training, you should be wary of partaking in any maintenance tasks that involves the handling of refrigerant lines, electrical wiring and disassembling of various parts.

What Are Evaporator Coils?

Evaporator coils are found inside your air conditioner unit. They look like a series of small pipes. It is an important part of your cooling and heating system because its main job is to absorb the hot air flowing through your home. After a while, your coils will get dirty and eventually become clogged. This can lead to a malfunctioning air conditioner unit because your evaporator coils cannot do its job when it's dirty and will stop working.

Possible Signs Indicating that Your Evaporator Coils Need to be Cleaned

We're sure you're wondering about the possible signs that could indicate your coils need to be cleaned. Some of the symptoms that your unit will display include:

  • Reduced cooling capacity from your air conditioner
  • Increased energy usage
  • An overworked compressor

Should You Clean the Evaporator Coils Yourself?

As a professional, licensed HVAC company, we don't recommend any person without the proper training to try and clean his or her evaporator coils. Often times, cleaning the evaporator coil will require you to take apart your air conditioning unit. This step alone exposes you to a variety of risks that could put you in danger and the possibility of damaging other parts of your AC unit.

It takes a trained professional to handle maintenance tasks like this because sometimes dirty coils are not always the only issue. We have seen cases where there are broken refrigerant lines and leaky connections contributing to the malfunctioning of an air conditioner unit. Only a trained professional will be able to spot problems like this and make the necessary air conditioner repairs.

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the most importance appliances in your home. Without it, your health and comfort of your family will suffer greatly. Don't make the mistake of trying to make this maintenance task your next do-it-yourself project. Hire HVAC professionals who can complete the job right the first time around and offer a guarantee on the services provided. Contact us today if you're ready to get your coils cleaned. We service commercial and residential customers located throughout Opelika, AL, and the surrounding areas.



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