Highlights of The Carrier Energy Experts Program

Carrier has a long history of being on the cutting edge of HVAC technology. Recently, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability through the industry, Carrier has once again shown its innovative nature and launched the Carrier Energy Experts Program. Here the experts at Alabama Air Conditioning will go over some of the highlights of the program and how it could help you transform your Opelika, AL home so that your house is comfortable, and affordable to heat and cool. 

Fundamentals of the Energy Experts Program

This program seeks to assist homeowners in creating an efficient home by focusing on three fundamentals:


  • The HVAC System

During the home energy audit, your HVAC system will be evaluated for efficiency. A lot of home energy use is energy used by the HVAC system. Following your home energy audit, the energy expert might recommend an upgrade to a newer, more efficient Carrier system. You will find that your new system keeps your home comfortable while also keeping your energy bills down.

  • Air Movement and Ductwork

Wasted energy is another problem that leads to high heating and cooling bills. Leaks and improperly installed ductwork accounts for a lot of energy loss in a typical home. Your ductwork will also be evaluated as part of your Energy Experts home energy audit.

  • The Home Shell or Envelope

The Carrier home energy audit also includes an evaluation of the outer shell of your home; including doors, windows, walls, floors and the roof. Special tools are used to determine where the leaks are, and recommendations are made to improve insulation in your home. With less leaks, you will experience increased comfort throughout your home. 

What Sets the Carrier Home Energy Experts Program Apart

Many HVAC companies now offer home energy evaluations. The problem with the home energy audits offered by many HVAC companies is that they are limited in scope. HVAC companies that participate in Carrier's new program are offering their clients a complete evaluation that includes all of the important parts of the home; this means better results for the energy conscious homeowner. 

At Alabama Air Conditioning we know that one of the responsibilities HVAC companies have is to provide high quality and complete service to customers. The Carrier Energy Experts Program is just one of the many ways we offer our Opelika, AL customers superior service. You will come away from your energy audit with a plan to improve whole-home performance, increase comfort, and significantly improve efficiency. 

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